Dave Venitelli

, New Jersey

Who would have thought that the sleepy Village of Chestnut Ridge would be the place to go when searching for authentic artisan Brick Oven Italian Pizza and French baguettes, batards, and boules? That’s right, Harvest Moon, our well established, local catering service owned and operated by Dave Venitelli, has recently expanded his customers’ options by creating a virtual culinary haven. He and his staff opened a Café, Bakery, and Pizzeria all in one called La Maison du Pain. Here, you will encounter a unique atmosphere teaming with delicacies that will tickle your nose and palate! If you’re looking for bread, I already mentioned baguettes, batards, and boules. They also bake ciabattas and a variety of rolls, both large and small. They sell croissants loaded with butter and/or chocolate, and a variety of pastries, muffins and the Most Amazing Cinnamon Rolls! Once you’ve had one of these, you’ll forget about Cinnabon! These are really the BEST! If you’re looking for French pastries, pies, and cakes, look no further! They even offered little individual Chocolate Mousses last weekend. The best part is you never know what you will find. Oh…did I mention the Biscotti? Orange, Pistachio and Chocolate. Perfetti!

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