Marketing & Promotion
The Blue Taxi Group
30 Williamsburgh Way
Montvale, NJ 07645
(201) 573-4952
Contact: Mari Small

Your personal fleet of marketing, advertising and public relations vehicles. Creative, cost-effective communications solutions for travel/tourism, consumer, B2B and pharmaceutical/healthcare.

The Blue Taxi Group
We have no taxis. But we know what it takes to drive successful results for our clients. So we combined several uniquely diverse marketing agencies, chock full of fresh ideas, within one cohesive brand - The Blue Taxi Group. Your personal fleet of marketing communications, advertising, web and public relations vehicles comes with 30 years experience and a commitment to bringing your brand to life while fitting neatly in your budget. Visit our website for a snapshot of our satisfied clients, award-winning creative and all the reasons you should 'hail a Blue Taxi!'